LenderDock announces partnership with Lumen Select

LenderDock Inc., the premier provider of online services for Property and Casualty Insurance policy verification and automated lienholder process management, is excited to unveil its latest collaboration with Lumen Select, LLC.

“Our team couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Lumen Select. As the program administrator invests in personal lines and diversifying their portfolio, LenderDock’s process automation will give them an important lift by mitigating costs including unnecessary headcount,” said Frank Eubank, LenderDock CEO.

“We’re also grateful to be working alongside some of their management team again from a previous partnership,” Eubank added.

Lumen Select will implement the use of LenderDock’s base platform (VERiFi™, LIENSure™, LENDERDocs™) alongside the NOTiFi™ solution.

VERiFi™ is a real-time insurance policy verification system designed for verifiers and lenders. With VERiFi™, phone calls for policy verification are a thing of the past, making the process faster and more efficient.

The second tool, LIENSure™, automates the process of updating policy information by allowing lenders to submit corrections directly to the carrier. This enables carriers or providers to process the updates efficiently according to their own procedures.

The final base suite tool, LENDERDocs™ provides electronic and real-time access to important policy-related documents such as EOIs, Certificates, and others to financial third parties. This helps streamline the process of obtaining and sharing these documents, making it easier for business partners to manage their policy information.

Lumen Select will also use LenderDock’s NOTiFi™ solution. NOTiFi™ is a system that facilitates the exchange of insurance information among a variety of parties including insurers, lenders, leasing companies, government agencies, and trackers.

Matthew Miller, President of Lumen Select, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with LenderDock’s industry leading solutions. At Lumen we are focused on delivering unique, creative, and technology driven insurance products to the markets we serve. LenderDock and Lumen are aligned in our focus on streamlining all aspects of the policy life cycle to reduce costs and improve the overall customer experience for both our agency partners and policyholders.

“LenderDock is the industry leader in this space and will be an invaluable tool as we continue to scale our business. The cost efficiencies we can achieve will not only benefit Lumen, but also help lower the overall price points of our insurance products,” Miller added.

About Lumen Select (Lumen)

Lumen is a program administrator headquartered in Dallas, TX, with a satellite office in Paragould, AR. Lumen Select is a subsidiary of Lumen Holdings, which also owns Lumen Risk Services – a commercial lines program administrator operating E&S property and casualty programs.

About LenderDock Inc.

LenderDock Inc., with its headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the industry leader in automated lien holder process management services as well as online property and casualty insurance policy verification. Banks, lenders, and financial third parties can digitally verify and update home and car insurance-related data in real-time using the policy verification-as-a-service (VaaS) platform.

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