Yes, we're a technology company bringing simple solutions to the insurance community.

We knew exactly what to do.

We’ve listened to YOU and we created the solution.

The insurance and financial industries are riddled with “legacy” systems and inefficient processes. When asked, “How can we stop the calls?”, we applied our years of experience using technology automation to create a seamless¬†environment where insurance carriers and financial 3rd parties peacefully co-exist. Lenderdock is the platform that bridges that gap.

We’re bridging the gap.

The insurance industry has been undergoing tremendous changes the last several years. With the advent of “INSURE TECH”, carriers have more technology at their fingertips than ever before but CSA Solutions, Inc. (creator of Lenderdock), provides a most unique opportunity not just to carriers but to banks, lenders, servicer, and BPOs.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our solution expands across multiple industries with one common goal, and that is to help create new, internal, efficiencies and  reallocate these new found resources to better service your own customers.

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Our clients range from small to large insurance carriers and our user base extends beyond the insurance industry, touching all financial institutions and other 3rd parties.

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