LenderDock and Allied Solutions Team Up to Optimize Online Policy Verification and Bulk Lien Holder Changes

LenderDock Inc. is pleased to announce a broadened partnership with Allied Solutions that will further support P&C insurance providers with an all-digital solution that enables financial third parties to electronically verify and automate lien holder change requests in bulk. This enhanced collaboration will drastically improve the alignment primarily between the auto lending community and the insurance industry and deliver more innovation and operational efficiencies.

“The relationship with Allied represents a significant opportunity to accelerate the adoption of real-time data management and virtually eliminate the millions of hours of manual processing. Our companies’ combined efforts will help reinforce our web-services strategy to each of the respective insurance and mortgage banking segments,” said Frank Eubank, LenderDock’s CEO.

As the largest business process outsourcer (BPO) specializing in auto tracking and risk management, Allied Solutions manages all of their client’s auto and property-related policy verifications and lien holder change requests. Traditionally, most of that activity has been handled by hundreds of service agents via phone or notifications sent by physical mail.

Now through LenderDock’s Verifi™ API and dynamic Correxions™ volume updating solution, insurers are no longer required to service the 500+ million lender-made phone calls, emails, and mailed requests each year.

About Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions is a company that offers insurance, lending, risk management, and data-driven solutions to financial institutions in the US. They have technology-based solutions customized for 4,000 banks and credit unions. They offer a portfolio of innovative products and services from various providers and have multiple offices located strategically across the country. Allied Solutions is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, and is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Securian Financial Group.

About LenderDock

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, LenderDock is the leading provider of online Property and Casualty Insurance policy verification and automated lien holder management services. The SaaS platform offers banks, lenders, and all financial third parties the ability to electronically verify, manage and update policy-related data in real-time.

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