LenderDock Inc. Partners with Grange Insurance Association

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, – June 15, 2022 – On Wednesday, LenderDock Inc. and Grange Insurance Association (GrangeAssociation) announced a new partnership that advances the goal of an all-digital lien holder process automation solution by fully digitizing lien holder verifications and mortgagee correction requests.

Grange receives a high volume of calls and policy change requests from lenders that monopolize the time of their Customer Service representatives and Operations team members. They have struggled to manage the volume of large lists received from lenders notifying them of the need to update lien holder information on their policies.

Without an automated and standardized process, it had forced them to review each policy and manually make changes within their system. Due to the number of mortgage transactions in the last few years, they would likely be forced to hire additional staff just to keep up. Yet this is how it has been done at Grange for more than a decade. They needed to find a way for them to better utilize their internal resources for more meaningful activities.

The decision to partner with LenderDock’s cloud-based lien holder process automation platform was based on their long-term strategic objective of improving their operational efficiencies. This partnership’s aim is to help drive down costs, save valuable time and conserve internal resources.

Founded in 1894, Grange Insurance Association has grown into a regional mutual insurance company serving the needs of farming families, “Main Street” communities in urban and suburban markets. They currently offer services in California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Grange Insurance. They have a long history of being very customer-centric and adapting to the changing market. We are excited to help them leverage new technology that will help accomplish their goals of securing cost savings and operational efficiencies.” – Travis Rodak, LenderDock CTO

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, LenderDock Inc. is the leading provider of online Property and Casualty Insurance policy verification and automated lien holder process management services. The policy verification-as-a-service (VaaS) platform offers banks, lenders and all financial third parties the ability to digitally verify and correct home and auto policy-related data in real-time.

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