LenderDock Brings Operational Efficiencies to Top Insurance Providers of the Sunshine State

Salt Lake City, Utah, – February 16, 2022 – LenderDock Inc., Universal Insurance Holdings (NYSE: UVE), Olympus Insurance, Cabrillo Coastal, and Citizens Property Insurance Corp. announced a new partnership that advances the goal of a fully digital lienholder process optimization solution by automating on-demand lienholder verifications and mortgagee correction requests.

LenderDock’s innovative policy Verification-as-a-Service platform and suite of services eliminate millions of unwanted lender-originated phone calls, emails, faxes, and letters while attaining the highest digital delivery of escrow billing and interested-party notifications in the industry. The complete end-to-end solution provides significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for insurance providers.

“LenderDock’s overall objective is to give insurance providers a complete end-to-end solution that drives down costs and sunsets antiquated and obsolete business processes that distract from serving, supporting and retaining customers.

In today’s competitive landscape, we are streamlining a way for carriers and insurance providers to get back to the business of focusing exclusively on their policyholders.” – Frank Eubank, LenderDock CEO

With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, LenderDock is the leading provider of online Property and Casualty Insurance policy verification and automated lien holder data management services. The policy verification-as-a-service (VaaS) platform offers banks, lenders, and financial third parties the ability to electronically verify and correct home and auto policy-related data in real-time.

For more information, please call Frank Eubank at 801-358-7303 or email [email protected].

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