Insurance Providers

Maintain your focus on your customers. Let our platform handle everybody else.

The broken workflow.

Let Lenderdock handle all of your financial institution inquiries (FIIs).


``I Just received a renewal notification in the mail. The loss payee data is incorrect. Can you please update the lien holder information? BTW, I have 25 more to do!``


``I'm calling to verifying policy information for one of your policyholders. I don't have the policy number but I can give you a name.``


``We just received 1500 new loans from another institution. I need to correct the loss payee on all of the policies. Can I get that done by tomorrow?``


``Did you receive the check that I sent for escrow payment on this policy? I also sent a wire for 25 other polices. Please verify receipt.``

The less time you speak with lenders, the more time you spend with customers.

Simple integration, &
you’re off to the races.

One of the lightest integrations and onboarding processes you’ll ever experience. We built it that way on purpose. The quicker you’re online, the sooner the calls stop!

It’s about self-service.

What took 20 minutes, now takes less than 20 seconds.

Policy Verifications

A “real-time” policy verification system written exclusively for verifiers and lenders to verify policy holder and lien holder information without carrier intervention.



Lien holder information is the most inaccurate data on any policy. Let the lien holder correct THEIR information themselves. Cleanup your lien holder data in the process.



Serve documents in real-time. Produce EOIs, certificates and other important policy documents to financial 3rd parties, automatically. Your standard forms or ours.


Volume Servicing

A loan may change hands on average 6 times over its lifetime. Bulk Servicing is built to handle mass quantities of lien holder corrections from large servicers and BPOs.

What is Our Strategy?

We set out to build a platform for insurance providers and instead ended up with a platform that covers the entire gamut. Lenders, Banks, BPOs, all use Lenderdock to avoid the hassle of calling, emailing, and faxing for some of the simplest tasks they perform.

Where is Our Platform?

Lenderdock is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform leveraging some of the most advanced technology in the cloud community. Our solution was built from the ground up for scalability and uptime.

Who is Lenderdock for?

Our platform is broken down into three (3) unique portals allowing for all different types of 3rd parties to have access in their own unique way.

  1. Corporate Portal – for corporations and BPOs managing multiple users
  2. Single user portal – for anyone needing to access policyholder data
  3. Carrier Control Center – for carriers to view analytics and access audit trails
How do I start verifying policies?

It’s very simple to start verifying policy information. You only need to register with Lenderdock. Your registration will then be verified by one our customer success agents. You may receive an email or phone call for further validation.

What will I need to verify a policy?

Every insurance provider is a little different and may require more than our base information. Usually a policy number will suffice. If you do not have a policy number, each provider will have a search for policy option, some requiring a combination of information such as last name and zip code.

What if a provider is not available in Lenderdock?

Our staff is continually working around the clock to add additional insurance providers but we could always use YOUR help as well. Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call if you feel inclined to help us on board your primary providers.

How long does it take for corrections to be made?

Our intention was to build a solution that can do it all in “real-time.” Keep in mind, provider platforms differ from one provider to the next. Depending on the provider’s software, corrections can be immediate or batched for changing at the end of each business day.

I have other needs or ideas...

We’re always looking for new ways to assist you with your day-to-day manual processes. If you have a new idea or are in need of a custom solution, feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

We answered the call.

We heard the cry from insurance providers of the time-consuming processes plaguing their call centers and agencies. Little did we know, financial 3rd parties were experiencing the same  dilemma. Lenderdock was built with you in mind.

  • Cloud Based
  • Available (24/7/365)
  • Extremely Simple
  • Security Oriented
  • Always Adding
SSL Security

Although we don’t store the data, we still wanted to provide encrypted communications using today’s latest technology.

Fast & Protected

Speed and uptime is a must for our platform to survive. Cacheing and DoS Attach protection.

SaaS + Cloud

Lenderdock utilizes top technology in cloud keeping our platform up and safe.

Don’t wait any longer. Start using the NEW standard for policy verification, today.